Duncan's Blog

I've been blogging for years about my various photography escapades. With this new blog I'll revisit some old themes, discuss new topics and of course keep you up to date on what I've been up to.

Welcome to the new blog

January 15, 2018

It has come time to redesign my web site a little, and with that comes a new blog. This more streamlined blog may help condense my thoughts and images to just the key important ones.

The second blog entry

January 23, 2018

Click the link to see some more of this great shoot.

What makes a good shoot

February 6th, 2018

I was chatting with a friend today and we were discussing why some shoots just work and why some don't. This can be applied to weddings, portraits or pretty much any photography that involves people. Even social/documentary photography requires some elements of this to a lesser or greater degree.

There are a number of factors that make sure that people photos turn out as desired:

  1. Technical-getting the lighting and camera settings right
  2. Social-putting the subject at ease, helping their confidence in front of the camera and ensuring they enjoy the experience. Or even just the photographer being able to offer a bit of banter to keep the shoot flowing.
  3. Communication - this can be the subject telling the photographer the story behind the shoot, why it's important, what it's about. Or the photographer communicating their vision, offering direction and posing tips 
  4. Efficient post production. A quick turnaround on images means there's no waiting period. Images processed to meet the client's requests or even creative suggestions and ideas thrown in when they're not sure.
  5. Be excellent to each other- . Bill and Ted knew what they were talking about. Be kind, be nice, be friendly.
  6. Avoid the energy vampires -Not always easy at bigger shoots or events, but don't let one sour plum ruin the photos, find a way to work with them to get the most out of the image.
  7. Stay in touch. Don't just deliver the image and run. Keep the conversation going, get feedback (good and bad) so you can be even better on the next shoot!